April 25, 2012

Rebill Services for Health: 23andMe, WellnessFX

Rebill services for health: 23andMe, WellnessFX.

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23andMe and WellnessFX are both young companies with a focus on improving the health of individuals. Both companies are also at the forefront of bringing the “rebill” business model to health care.

Rebill is an old and reliable business model for service providers. The provider signs you up for a service (often with a contract) and takes your credit card number. Then, each month they charge your credit card for providing the service. It provides a stable revenue-stream for the provider and they love it for that. The user may also stay happy if the service continues to be useful for them.

You are probably already enrolled in many rebill services – e.g. ADT for home security, your monthly insurance payments etc.

23andMe and WellnessFX bring the same monthly rebill model for delivering your health information to you.

$99 one-time + $9 per month for 12-months (other payment options are also available).

The service analyzes your DNA and provides your health profile and ancestry. With the recurring charges, the service provides newer genetic data for you as it becomes available.

23andMe markets its service with nice, tasteful ads (e.g. above). And, the 23andMe affiliate program help drive customers to the service.

$560 one-time + $69 per month for 12-months - Essential
$149 one-time – Baseline (only available in San Francisco)

Instead of analyzing your DNA, WellnessFX diagnoses your blood and provides you with your health profile – your health dashboard online – and recommendations for lifestyle changes. The diagnostics performed are similar to a detailed blood test at your hospital. Then, on a monthly basis, you repeat this process and get updates to your health dashboard.

WellnessFX also markets its service with an affiliate program.

The big question – should you use these services?  If you are healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, finding more details about your health may not be that useful. But, for all others, the data can help you in many different ways.

As with other young companies, while its concept may be cool, if the company has not figured out a way to make money, sooner or later it will disappear. A rebill model is 23andMe and WellnessFX’s approach to generate a steady revenue-stream. 

Update: Updated with WellnessFX’s new pricing. Thanks Zak!

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