April 9, 2012

Robo Ann Calls from 503-902-8457, Free Cruise Offer

Robo Ann calls from 503-902-8457, with a free cruise offer.

The voicemail left by Robo Ann from 503-902-8457 -

503-902-8457 Telemarketing Call

The call is from “Ann” of Political Opinions of America.

Asking to participate in a 30-second survey about our nation’s debt crisis.

With a offer for a free 2-day cruise to the Bahamas ...

The 503-902-8457 telemarketing calls do not honor the FTC’s donotcall program. The calls are to phone numbers in the donotcall list.

Aaargh at WhyCallMe has more details about these calls and how to handle them. 
The cruise is not free, the money is not refundable, and the survey is fake!

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