April 23, 2012

The Tale of a Stock-Picking Robot, Marl

The tale of a stock-picking robot, Marl.
Wouldn’t you like an automated program that monitors the stock market for you 24/7 and tells you which stocks to buy and sell profitably every single time?

Would you be willing to pay $97 for such a program?

Per NYTimes, 75,000 people paid for just such a stock-picking robot named Marl, which only generated results for its creators. 
The Hunters' skills apparently did not include computer programming. In 2007, they advertised for programmers who could make "a small software program which will appear to the user that once running it is analyzing thousands of penny stocks," according to the SEC's complaint.

In a note marked "IMPORTANT," they added: "This software does not actually find stocks at all. . . . Basically this is almost a 'fake' piece of software and needs to simply appear advanced."

The forex trading market is another one filled with trading robots aka expert advisors. Some programs that you have to run locally on your computer, others that are offered as a cloud service for automated forex trading. Each trading via the popular MetaTrader trading platform.

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