April 2, 2012

YouTonics Drink, 16 grams of Collagen Protein

YouTonics drink, 16 grams of collagen protein.

YouTonics Fountain of Youth ad

YouTonics provides 16 grams of collagen protein per 1 oz drink.

Per YouTonics
since YouTonics is not whey protein, it's especially great for anyone concerned about lactose intolerance.

After all, in your body collagen is everything, the primary protein that provides structural strength and youthful elasticity to every tissue to every cell in the inner and outer you. YouTonics provides the easily-absorbed liquid collagen you need to look and feel better, younger, stronger, more energetic.

YouTonics’ nutrition facts -

YouTonics is a nutraceutical along the lines of energy drinks such as Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy or supplements such as Force Factor.

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