May 13, 2012

Android App Traffic by Carrier and Phone

Traffic patterns seen on an Android app by wireless carrier and phone for the US market.

Android App Traffic by Carrier

It is a surprise to see Sprint generating the most Android traffic (35%), even beating Verizon Wireless (32%) and AT&T Wireless (18%). And, Cricket Wireless (14%) generates more Android traffic than T-mobile or Metro PCS.

Perhaps AT&T and Verizon are more focused on iPhones rather than Android.

Android App Traffic by Phone

No surprises here. As expected, Samsung Android phones generate over 65% of Android traffic. The surprise is for the second place. Huawei Android phones, at 21%, generate more traffic than Motorola or HTC.

Although the traffic patterns may be unique for this app, they may also represent wider trends in the Android market.

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