May 6, 2012

Cisco Telepresence, A Private Jet for Companies

Cisco Telepresence has become a private jet for companies.
Jeff Cavins on Cisco Telepresence 
Due to its high cost, telepresence has become the private jet of company boardrooms across the globe. Fortune 1000 companies, seeking to cut down on airfare and travel costs and have their employees speak face to face over high-definition video, have invested anywhere between hundreds of thousands and hundreds of millions of dollars on these complex videoconferencing solutions and the dedicated networks required to use them.

He continues that newer cloud telepresence solutions (such as from FuzeBox, his company) bring down Telepresence costs to 1/10th, interoperate with other services, and allow participants to join the videoconference from anywhere using their iPad and other devices. No special rooms needed.

It is time that the traditional telepresence services disappeared.

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