May 25, 2012

FTC vs POM Pomegranate Juice, POMTruth Campaign

FTC vs POM Pomegranate Juice, POMTruth campaign.

Pomegranate juice’s healthful benefits are said to range from helping kidney patients, to lowering blood pressure and cholestrol.

FTC said POM Wonderful was conducting false and misleading advertising.

Now POM, it its POMTruth campaign, uses the FTC judge’s statements to indicate that pomegranate juice does indeed have healthful benefits. 
Competent and reliable scientific evidence supports the conclusion that the consumption of pomegranate juice and pomegranate extract supports prostate health, including by prolonging PSA doubling time in men with rising PSA after primary treatment for prostate cancer.

Per NYtimes, POM is not giving the full story in its campaigns.

POM Wonderful is sold by Roll Global

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