May 21, 2012

Hotspot Shield VPN Maker AnchorFree Raises $52M from GS

Hotspot Shield VPN maker AnchorFree raised $52M from Goldman Sachs (via PandoDaily).

Hotspot Shield VPN, Access Blocked Sites at School

Hotspot Shield is a VPN software/app for secure web browsing from any location. The VPN software turns every web session into a secure https session. It provides a temporary IP address and can bypass firewalls in place to block web activity. Per AnchorFree 
Hotspot Shield creates a personal secure tunnel for each user and enables user online activities, sites visited, searches and personally identifiable information to always stay private. In regions that censor the web, Hotspot Shield acts as a secure gateway to the world’s information, disrupting censorship, and democratizing the web. Expats, travelers, and locals in countries with censorship, use Hotspot Shield to gain completely free and uncensored access to the world’s information. Hotspot Shield is rated as the world’s most popular solution for staying secure in public Wi-Fi hotspots.

As shown in a Hotspot Shield ad above, one of the target applications for Hotspot Shield is schools where the school firewall blocks access to many websites. Hotspot Shield VPN can bypass the school’s firewall and enable access to the blocked websites.

The VPN software and app is offered in ad-supported and ad-free versions. With 10m users, the software provides a great traffic source for business users – the demographic for advertising, business users who are traveling.

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