May 18, 2012

How Urban AirShip Delivers 100000 Messages per sec

How Urban AirShip delivers 100,000 messages per sec to users.

Push notifications are messages sent to a users mobile phone by the app developer. It is a great tool for apps to interact with their users and deliver messages in real-time.

Urban AirShip is one of the top push notification services for apps. Here Urban Airship gives a high-level overview of its messaging architecture and infrastructure to deliver upto 100,000 messages per sec.

So if your app has 100,000 users, you can notify them of an event within 1 second.

Impressive performance!

With such performance apps can be designed for real-time interactions with users e.g. voting during American Idol, running a contest during a sports event etc. It adds a new dimension to apps interactions with its users.

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