May 7, 2012

Socialcam App’s Bad Behavior

Socialcam app’s bad behavior.

Socialcam Video Camera is a video-sharing app in Apple’s Appstore and Google Play. Socialcam and Viddy are talked about as being the Instagram of video.

Socialcam app exhibits some bad behavior.

iOS apps when closed are expected to stop running completely. But Socialcam, even after it is closed, continues to contact a remote server several times a second and keeps a connection alive. The server

At the least, this will drain your iPhone battery. At worst, such a live connection could be used for more nefarious purposes.

Socialcam has no reason to keep running even after it is closed. And, if it did want to keep running, it should get the users permission. Socialcam competitor Viddy behaves better in this regard and shuts down completely when closed.

Apple gives guidelines for Long-Running Background Tasks and Background Execution and Multitasking. Per Apple 
Apps must provide an interface that allows the user to start and stop the delivery of accessory update events. That interface should then open or close the accessory session as appropriate

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