May 23, 2012

Terrible Apple Siri Ads: Joke, Life

Another set of terrible Apple Siri ads: Joke, Life.

These ones are with John Malkovich.

The problem is not just the ads, which convey the uselessness of Siri and are mediocre at best. It is Siri.

Siri in its present form is bad all around – a bad voice, poor speech recognition and a slow way to get useless information (why will you not just Google the information?).

Apple gets an “E” for effort, to continue to try pushing Siri in its current form. And, it is wasted effort.

Apple Siri Ad, Life

If Apple is serious about Siri, instead of marketing it in its current half-baked form, it should work on improving Siri. But, it is easier said than done.

Accurate speech recognition is an incredibly difficult problem to solve and no one has done it successfully so far (including Nuance, Apple’s technology provider).

Apple could/should improve Siri’s voice; make it sound better, more acceptable. But, again automated voice is not an easy problem.

Apple should spend more time in the labs, rather than creating Siri commercials.

Apple Siri Ad, Joke

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