May 22, 2012

Verifone SAIL Review, Credit Card Payments with Phone

Verifone SAIL review, credit card payments with phone.

Verifone SAIL Pay is a service that enables you to accept credit card payments (swiped, keyed) with your iPhone, iPad, iPod and soon with Android devices.

Verifone has been an early critic of Square its main competitor, hacking Square card reader to show its potential security issues. With SAIL, now Verifone provides a product similar to Square while emphasizing its PCI DSS compliant security at every step of the payment process.

The Fees

SAIL Go Plan
Keyed Rate            2.7% 
Swiped Rate            3.7% 
Amex Rate            3.7% 
Monthly Fee            0

SAIL Pro Plan
Keyed Rate            2.7% 
Swiped Rate            3.7% 
Amex Rate            2.95% 
Monthly Fee            $10/month

Verifone SAIL fees are slightly lower than Square’s, its largest competitor.

Monthly Account Limits
SAIL accounts have monthly limits (set by Verifone)

When are my Funds Available
An important consideration for any business is their cash flow. Verfone SAIL funds are deposited to your bank account in 1-2 business days. In comparison, Square deposits funds in your bank account the next business day, which is a big plus.

Verifone SAIL makes it easy for sellers to accept and manage credit and debit card transactions.

Alternatives to Verifone SAIL include Square, GoPayment and PayAnywhere. And Dwolla for credit-card-less payments using your phone.

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