June 21, 2012

Diego Basch on How Silicon Valley Works

Nice humorous piece by Diego Basch on how silicon valley works.

First off, let's acknowledge once again that Silicon Valley is a sea of conflicts of interest. You have the Sand Hill Strip, where "reputable" firms like "Palo Alto Grand Investments" or "Burlingamio Ventures" want Joe to invest his body and soul, swing for the fences, hit the ball into the San Francisco Bay and become the next Sergei Zuckerberg. It sounds awesome; the problem is that the chances of this are slim. Joe does not like. 1/100000 odds of making billions of dollars is unappealing.

Amazing odds! The odds of winning the same amount by lottery would be something like 1 in 1 billion or more. 
Joe and Wayne work on building something they know GooBook could acquire without looking stupid. Something they might be able to do in-house, except their most talented engineers are desperately working on ways to extract more money out of ads, or to reduce the costs of their gargantuan infrastructure. Some are stationed in Antarctica building a self-cooling datacenter; others are diverted from creative projects into the new 99.9999999999% uptime initiative: one second of downtime costs a million dollars. Forget that stupid 18% free-time web app project, and come help make some mon-ay. The quarterly report must look good. Shareholders demand it!

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