June 30, 2012

Instagram Down, 404 Not Found Error, June 30 2012

Instagram down, 404 Not Found error, June 30 2012.

After yesterday’s Instagram 503 error, Instagram has been completely down since last night. If you visit Instagram right now, you’ll see the 404 Not Found error (above). This Instagram outage is said to be due to Amazon AWS outage, which started Friday night.

Amazon AWS status shows that most of the issues have been resolved at Amazon’s end. Per Amazon’s latest update 
Jun 30, 10:25 AM PDT The majority of affected EC2 instances with no impaired EBS volumes attached have been recovered. Instances with an impaired EBS volume attached may still be unavailable. Creation of EBS recovery volumes is complete for the vast majority of recoverable volumes. For instances in this state follow the steps outlined in our last update. There remain a small subset of EBS volumes that are currently stuck in the affected Availability Zone. ELB load balancers are provisioning successfully, but some may be delayed while we process our backlog.

Now it is Instagram’s turn to bring its service back up.

For those interested in backend details of how Instagram is run, Mike Krieger of Instagram on Scaling Instagram.

Meanwhile Facebook, Instagram’s parent, keeps suffering from its own technical difficulties – Facebook, Got EOF While Waiting for Outstanding Responses.

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