June 27, 2012

NetFlix Asgard, A Tool to Manage AWS Cloud

NetFlix Asgard is a tool to manage Amazon AWS cloud.

If you are using Amazon AWS to build a web-service meant to scale, deploying and managing the various AWS resources for live traffic and lowest-cost can be a pretty involved activity.

Asgard makes it easy to deploy AWS resources and manage them– ec2 instances, elastic load balancers, auto scaling, security groups and so on. And perhaps even managing databases -  RDS, DynamoDB, …

Asgard helps enable successful deployments in AWS cloud and in case of any problems, rollbacks to previous successful versions.

Using Asgard, you can also manage your auto-scaling rules, with triggers from CloudWatch alarms.

Tags: netflix asgard tool, tool to manage AWS cloud, tool to deploy AWS cloud