June 5, 2012

NetFlix Open Connect Storage Server Specs

If you have wondered how NetFlix can deliver unlimited movies for $8 per month, here is a peek at NetFlix’s underlying hardware infrastructure - NetFlix OpenConnect storage server specs.

NetFlix Open Connect is NetFlix’s own CDN to deliver movies to customers online.

  • 100 TB of storage per box
    1. 36x 3TB SATA drives
    2. 3 SAS controllers for the hard drives
      No SATA expanders or multipliers as they add to the latency
  • 1 TB of flash cache – 2 SSD drives
  • 2x 10 GbE ports (optical) to attach to the network

  • Intel SandyBridge CPU, SuperMicro motherboard
  • 4U chassis, 2 ft deep

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