June 1, 2012

PIMCO’s Bill Gross, Me Whale You Plankton

PIMCO’s Bill Gross, Me Whale You Plankton.

source: ufl

For those who missed out earlier, Bill Gross has a long treatise again on the global financial system - the financial whales float by consuming huge amounts of plankton.  
The whales of our current economic society swim mainly in financial market oceans. Innovators such as Jobs and Gates are as rare within the privileged 1% as giant squid are to sharks, because the 1% feed primarily off of money, not invention. They would have you believe that stocks, bonds and real estate move higher because of their wisdom, when in fact, prices float on an ocean of credit, a sea in which all fish and mammals are now increasingly at risk because of high debt and its delevering consequences. Still, as the system delevers, there are winners and losers, a Wall Street food chain in effect.

If you are not the whale, you are the plankton.

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