June 12, 2012

Siri in iOS6, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Siri in iOS6, We all scream for ice cream.

Siri Ad, We all scream for ice cream

Apple continues to push Siri. A Siri print ad (above) is one such example.

Apple is trying to make Siri ever more useful. With Siri in iOS6 you can get sports scores, restaurants and movie information, post to Facebook and Twitter using your voice, Siri eyes-free and more. Siri is also now available in 15 languages.

Apple may be hoping that if it plugs Siri into so many different applications and opens up a Siri API, eventually Siri will reach a critical mass and Siri use will catch on among users.

Apple has the resources (and patience) to keep pushing Siri for a long time with or without any results. And, they seem to be determined to do so.

Meanwhile, for broad adoption, Apple has some formidable issues to resolve for Siri use – poor speech recognition, awful voice and Siri privacy issues. And, this is not even counting the biggest hurdle for Siri – if the user has a choice of using a visual or voice interface, they will always choose the visual interface. It is much faster, more accurate and delivers results.

Related: Google’s voice service, GOOG-411 shut down in Oct-2010 due to similar issues.

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