June 22, 2012

Siri’s Fictional Search Results

Siri’s fictional search results, Cindi’s Ice Cream at 139 West Gorrie Drive.

Siri Ice Cream Ad, 139 West Gorrie Drive

Siri’s voice searches are intended to make it easy to find information quickly and accurately. Perhaps even better than visual searches from Google and others.

But, looking at Siri’s We all scream for ice cream ad, you wouldn’t think so. In response to a query for ice cream, Siri returns a fictional business at a real address. (Pointed out by overthe50 ).

Siri’s response:            “This ice cream shop looks pretty close to you” and returns

Address:            139 West Gorrie Drive, Florida
Business:            Cindi’s ice cream

Google Street View photo (above) shows a mound of sand at the address. The nearest business according to Google - Jolly Roger Beach Shop.

While it is understandable that Apple may want to show a fictional business in its ads, a real search result would be even better.

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