July 23, 2012

AutoCAD WS, How an Enterprise App Got to 10m Downloads

AutoCAD WS, How an enterprise app got to 10m downloads.

AutoCAD WS is used to view and edit AutoCAD files online. The target users – mechanical designers and engineers – a relatively narrow niche in the broad userbase.

A good writeup by Iris Shoor on how they got out of their niche and marketed AutoCAD WS. 
We managed to get out of our ‘niche’ by working hard on creating funny, quirky and even touching content. Instead of trying to pitch our product and new features, we tried to make people laugh and feel something about it.
When receiving support requests over email from users coming from interesting companies, I actually picked up the phone and rang them. Yes, imagine sending your feedback and having the founder of the app call you 10 minutes later. After talking to users about their request and learning how they were using our app and how it helped them be more productive, I asked their permission to write about it.
And marketing to a global userbase.

Egnyte and other such apps should take notes.

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