July 24, 2012

Bing Needs Better Search Quality not more PR

Bing needs better search quality not more PR.
WSJ on Microsoft’s SWAT team to boost Bing’s marketshare. 
Mr. Penn said his new post germinated from a review he conducted about six months ago — at Mr. Ballmer’s request — of how Microsoft products are presented to the public. During that period, Mr. Penn said he became intrigued with Bing’s quality as a search engine. For Mr. Ballmer’s part, Mr. Penn said the Microsoft boss was intrigued with Mr. Penn’s comparison of the marketing challenge of Bing to pitching a political candidate. With search engines, Mr. Penn said, “People these days are making a choice, just like they’re making a political choice.”

Right now Bing falls way behind Google in search quality.

Improve Bing’s search quality and more people will start using it – no marketing boost needed.

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