July 24, 2012

Customer Photo Feeds to Fashion Websites: BlackMilk, Free People

Facebook, Instagram customer photo feeds to fashion websites: BlackMilk, Free People.

BlackMilk Photo Feed to Website #mycollection

Wouldn’t you love to have customer testimonials on your website? And even better testimonials, a fresh photo feed of customers using your product?

BlackMilk and Free People, two fashion retailers, show how it is done.

BlackMilk Photo Feed displays photos submitted by customers on Facebook and Instagram on its website.

To display your photo here simply include this tag #mycollection in a photo comment on our Facebook fan page or as a tag on your Instagram photo.

Free People Photo Feed displays Twitter or Instagram photos submitted by customers on its website. Two of the hashtags for photo submissions #myfpdenim #fpsorbettiedye.

Free People uses OlaPic, which provides a photo feed widget to be included on the website.

SlideChute also provides a widget for crowdsourced photo feed. It enables users to to upload photos directly or share via Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Picasa.

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