July 20, 2012

EC2 High IO Instance, Underpowered? hi1.4xlarge

Could Amazon EC2 high IO instance, hi1.4xlarge, have better IO performance?
The latest addition by Amazon  - EC2 high IO instance, hi1.4xlarge – is intended for applications, which require high storage throughput and high network throughput. The price - $3.1/hour or about $2,260/month.

The instance includes a 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection for high network throughput – which can deliver upto 600K IOps for 4 KB blocks.


The high IO instance also includes two SSD volumes but the storage performance is low.
* 120K IOps (4 KB) – random reads
* 10K – 80K IOps (4 KB) – random writes

This should have been better! 

Compare this, for example, to a Virident FlashMax card with 325K IOps (4 KB).

Per Amazon 
Using Linux paravirtual (PV) AMIs, High I/O Quadruple Extra Large instances can deliver more than 120,000 4 KB random read IOPS and between 10,000 and 85,000 4 KB random write IOPS (depending on active logical block addressing span) to applications. For hardware virtual machines (HVM) and Windows AMIs, performance is approximately 90,000 4 KB random read IOPS and between 9,000 and 75,000 4 KB random write IOPS. The maximum sequential throughput on all AMI types (Linux PV, Linux HVM, and Windows) per second is approximately 2 GB read and 1.1 GB write.

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