July 25, 2012

Eole Water, Get Water from Air

Eole Water, get water from air.

Eole Water Turbine, an interesting product to extract water from air - a wind turbine that produces electricity and in parallel extracts moisture from air to produce water for use.

  • Water production capacity – 1000 liters/day, about 260 gallons/day.
  • Electricity production capacity – 30 kW

Earths atmosphere holds 0.04% of total freshwater or about 12,900 km3 of freshwater. So there is lot of water available around us if you could just extract and use it. A product like Eole Water Turbine can synthesize water from air.

The water synthesized is naturally likely to be pure and drinking quality (unless the local atmosphere is polluted). But, in case purification is needed then water purifiers can be used to remove the contaminants.

The caveats - it may not work for extremely dry places (Las Vegas?) where there isn’t enough water in the air, having a large wind turbine nearby.

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