July 26, 2012

Google Fiber Gigabit Internet at $70 per month, Amazing Price!

Google Fiber Gigabit Internet at $70 per month, amazing price!

1Gbps-1Gbps Internet for $70 per month with no data caps (down-up).

An amazing price for home Gigabit Internet! This is what Internet access should be like! This will open up all kinds of nice Internet applications at home.

Google Fiber flag flys high today.

And if you want slower speeds –
5Mbps-1Mbps Internet for $0/month with no data caps.

Google Fiber is currently available only in Kansas City but will become available in other locations.

Will Verizon FIOS Quantum (300Mbps-65 Mbps for $210 per month) and Comcast Xfinity Platinum (305Mbps-65Mbps for $300 per month) improve their speeds and provide better prices as a result of this?

Google Fiber also provides a network box providing 4 gigabit ethernet ports and high speed WiFi for home devices. The network box integrates a gigabit firewall and ipv4, ipv6 routing.

Also included – 1 TB storage space on Google drive.

Compare Google Fiber Gigabit Internet with other providers of the Fastest Internet Service worldwide.

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