July 4, 2012

Google Voice is Better than Siri, Google Voice vs Siri

Google Voice better than Siri, Google Voice vs Siri.

Apple Siri has been out for about 10 months. It still has not seen broad usage partly due to having an awful text-to-speech voice, poor voice recognition and general slowness.

Google Voice in Jelly Bean provides a similar functionality to Siri.

Early comparisons of Google Voice vs Siri show that Google Voice is better.
  • Google Voice has a much better sounding voice than Siri.
  • Google Voice returns results a lot faster than Siri.

While both Siri and Google Voice interfaces will still suffer from having limited voice recognition, when they do return results, Google Voice will do it better.

A comparison of Google Voice (Jelly Bean) vs Siri (iOS 6).

Voice searches on Jelly Bean

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