July 19, 2012

Knee Arthroscopy Surgery for $20,000 in Silicon Valley

Knee arthroscopy surgery for $20,000 in Silicon Valley.

Bloomberg on when physicians turn investors in medical centers aiming to earn 200% returns. 
Knee arthroscopies that cost $3,000 in Aetna Inc. (AET)’s network earn nearly $20,000 in facility fees at Bay Area’s surgery centers, according to Aetna, the Hartford, Connecticut-based health insurer. A bunion repair that costs $3,700 in-network got almost $53,000 for Bay Area Surgical Group, one such center. A disc surgery for lower-back pain, called a laminectomy, costs about $6,000 in network yet reaps nearly $120,000 for Bay Area Surgical.

Compare with Knee Arthroscopy pricing from Healthcare Blue Book. And, the cost of knee replacement in India, $1800 (at 55 INR per USD).

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Image via MedicalTourism.

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