July 30, 2012

Major Electricity Outage Across Northern India

Major electricity outage across Northern India on July 30 2012.

Black circles on the map are outage reports.

The aftereffects of the major power outage continue across Northern India with major power outage in and around Delhi.

You can receive outage alerts and report an electricity outage to powercuts.in

  • By sending a tweet with the hashtags #powercutindia or #PowerCutsIN or #PowercutsIndia.

    For e.g. #powercutindia #loc (street, city - location name) #start (time), followed by #back (time) #planned or #unplanned (if its a scheduled load shedding or unexpected outage).

  • Send an SMS with keyword "PWR" to 9717-403-111 followed by location/type of powercut category/timing etc.

  • Report online

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