July 30, 2012

Vivint Solar and Home Automation in Bay Area

Vivint solar and home automation in Bay area.


Vivint is a popular service for home security, home automation and energy management. A Vivint review gives an overview of the service.

Vivint Solar is an additional service offered by Vivint for home solar installation and management. And, now, Vivint Solar is available in the Bay area, California.

Vivint Solar has a unique twist as a solar service provider. After the solar installation, Vivint can provide a combo of solar monitoring, home automation and home security.

Now Vivint is working on a “generation 2.0” platform that can record up-to-date solar power output at the home, he said -- and that, in turn, could lead to linkages with home energy management

Alternatives to Vivint Solar include Solar City, Sungevity, Sun Run and others.

And, on the home security and home automation side, alternative to Vivint include ADT, Xfinity Home and a long list of other service providers.

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