August 14, 2012

Fusion-IO vs Skyera, Storage at 1 Million IOps

Fusion-IO vs Skyera, storage at 1 Million IOps.

1M IOps at 4 KB
The new performance level to beat for enterprise storage appliances, 1M IOps at 4 KB block size.

Both Fusion-IO and Skyera achieve this performance in their new enterprise storage products. A look at their products -

Fusion-IO’s ION software ($3900), software-defined-storage, transforms any server into a shared network flash-memory appliance.

A high-performance server with 8x ioDrive2 cards delivers > 1M IOps of storage performance e.g.

Server:                          HP Proliant DL370G6
Software:                      Fusion-IO ION
PCIe Storage Cards:     Fusion-IO ioDrive2        
Max Storage:                20 TB
Read 4 KB:                  1M IOps
Write 4 KB:                  792K IOps
512 KB Thruput:           6 GB/s
Network Interface:        8G Fibrechannel, QDR Infiniband

Fusion-IO’s main value – any server can be turned into a high-performance storage appliance.

Skyera Skyhawk
Skyera Skyhawk at about 1M IOps provides comparable performance in a 1U form factor.

Max Storage:                 12 – 44 TB
Performance:                 1M IOps
Thruput:                        3.6 GB/s

Skyera’s main value – its low price. You get high-performance enterprise storage at $3/GB, which is said to be 2 – 3x lower than others.

Other enterprise flash-memory appliance vendors include Violin Memory, Nimbus and RamSan. And, card vendors such as Virident.

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