August 7, 2012

Google Self-Driving Lexus RX450h Debut

Google self-driving Lexus RX450h debut.

There were many sightings of Google’s self-driving Lexus RX450h (white) on Bay area freeways in June.

Now, here is the official introduction of this self-driving SUV, this time with the Google logo. 
And while these team members are commuting, many of them will be testing our algorithms on a new type of vehicle we’ve added to the self-driving car family over the past few months to help us refine our systems in different environments and on different terrain: the Lexus RX450h.

Google, when do we get the self-driving cars for our commutes? We are all waiting eagerly …

The total distance driven by self-driving cars so far, 300,000 miles – more than the distance to the moon.

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