August 14, 2012

How Facebook Signsup Next Billion Users

How Facebook signsup the next billion users.

An example of how Facebook is trying to signup the next billion users – Facebook India Ambassador program.

Facebook wants you to 
* Help lots of your friends, family & people around you to start using Facebook on their phones
* Submit mobile numbers of people you have helped

Facebook wants you to submit mobile numbers of others?  

And, per Facebook Ambassador Program terms, you will only do as Facebook instructs you to 
You will only act under this Agreement in accordance with our instructions.  If instructed by Facebook, you will engage in activities to promote Facebook.  Such activities may include working with your school administration to setup the authentic page for your school on Facebook, creating you college Yearbook on Facebook, uploading pictures of each class and tagged students in the pictures, organizing a Facebook Day on Campus that focuses on educating the audience about using Facebook on mobile devices, etc

And in return you will get – nothing 
You acknowledge and agree that you will not be compensated for participation in the Program.

You are signing up users for Facebook, promoting Facebook. Facebook gets more users and potentially more ad revenue from these users. You get nothing.

Seems fair.

Or, maybe you get a badge saying you are a “Facebook Ambassador”?  

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