August 17, 2012

Awesome Trillion Frames Per Second Photography

How to photograph light? Light-Camera.

A Photo of Light Illuminating a Tomato

Note: That is not just a photo of a tomato but also a photo of light (itself) hitting a tomato at light-speed.

How do you photograph light? 

The first step would be to call Ramesh Raskar at MIT. His team has developed incredible technology that captures photos at trillion frames per second, effectively a “light-camera” that photographs light.

At trillion frames per second of the light-camera, you can photograph light itself and observe as light moves.

Take a look at an incredible set of photos/videos, which photograph light at trillion frames per second.

Ramesh Raskar’s talk at TED gives an awesome overview of the technology.

Cool demos at 2:10, 4:10 and 6:30.

And as if that was not cool enough, some day, this technology will also allow you to see around corners.

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