August 7, 2012

Photago Photo Album App Review

Photago photo album app review.

Photago photo service provides an “album” photo sharing experience to its users.

An admin (creator) creates a password-protected album for an event.

Admin shares the password and album-url with others at the event that, also using Photago, can start posting their photos to the same album.

Users with the album password and url can view the album photos.

The albums have a life of 2-weeks to 3-months depending on the pricing plan selected. Pricing ranges from free (2-weeks, 50 MB) to 55 EUR (3-months, 30 GB).

The photo-album-for-event approach has potential but the twin hurdles of signup (before you can experience the service) and a paid service are likely to slow down users.

Alternatives to Photago include Mobli photo-video service which has a similar approach with a little different name – it is a creative photo-channels-for-subjects.

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