September 27, 2012

Adobe Reader Very Slow for PDF Files

Adobe Reader very slow in opening pdf files.

Adobe Reader’s 100% cpu usage while opening a pdf file will slow down your computer to a crawl.

For example, the screenshot above shows that opening a single pdf file starts four AcroRd32.exe processes, one of which is consuming 91% of the cpu and frequently goes to 99%.

Adobe Reader vies with Adobe Flash in providing one of the worst user experiences.

These Adobe Reader issues have been around for quite some time with no fix. Adobe seems to be ok in continuing to deliver a terrible user experience.

A few solutions online to make Adobe Reader faster are to change the Reader configuration as follows.

1. Disable Adobe Update
Edit > Preferences > Updater
                        Select Do not download or install updates automatically

2. Disable Protected Mode at Startup
Edit > Preferences > General
                        Uncheck Enable Protected Mode at startup

3. Disable Enhanced Security
Edit > Security (Enhanced)
                        Uncheck Enable Enhanced Security

Change 2, 3 at your own discretion as they may make you more vulnerable to malware delivered via pdf files.

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