September 27, 2012

Dad Biological Clock: Younger Dad Equals Healthier Child?

The Dad Biological Clock: Does a younger Dad equal a healthier child?

Dad’s Age vs Gene Mutations via 23andMe

Like the biological clock for women, Dad’s-to-be need to be aware of their Dad Biological Clock. Dad’s who have children when they are older are likely to pass more gene mutations to their child.

While mothers pass about 14 mutations (on an average) to their child, fathers pass on more mutations as they age. The older a father, the more mutations they pass to their child.

23andMe’s Paternal Mutation Calculator (screenshot above) shows the relationship between the fathers age and mutations. For example,

20 year old father = 30 mutations

30 year old father = 50 mutations

40 year old father = 70 mutations

60 year old father = 110 mutations

Each mutation could be helpful or harmful for the child. Currently there isn’t enough knowledge to determine the effect of the mutations. The mutations are also unique for each individual.

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