September 25, 2012

Online Gambling with Solace High-Performance Messaging

Solace message appliance delivers high-throughput messages at low latencies. It is useful for any app that needs to deliver very high volume of messages at low latencies – from online trading to online gambling.

Source: Statista

Online gambling has been one of the fastest growing markets for Solace.

Solace on online gambling
Now comes evidence that the US is gearing up to allow online gambling in the US after all. They have figured out what every country figured out a long time ago: people are going to gamble, online gambling makes it easy, and you might as well have the profits taxed in your country instead of a foreign country. You may also have seen recent news of non-traditional gambling entities like Zynga and Big Fish Games eyeing this market to get in on the growth. Expect the opening of the US market to spark a free-for-all of new market participants, gaming services and technology investment that will push growth rates even higher over the next few years.

Big Fish Casino on iPhone, Facebook Bingo Friendzy are a small sampling of what is to come.

At Solace, we have already been the beneficiaries of the massive growth in online gaming internationally — it is currently one of our fastest growing market segments. Several of the world’s largest online casinos and sports betting websites (like bet365) have chosen Solace for distribution of real time odds and in game event management. Many of these sites have traffic volumes to rival the largest stock exchanges and they need reliable and scalable infrastructure that protects them from the kinds of traffic spikes (poker tournaments, World Cup, Superbowl, etc.) that can stress software infrastructures resulting in sluggish performance or even outages. The companies best prepared to deliver a consistently high-quality user experience through high rates of customer acquisition and game play growth are the ones that will emerge as the winners in this market.

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