September 20, 2012

PIMCO Bonds, The Cure for Baldness

PIMCO bonds, the cure for baldness.

PIMCO, the largest bond fund, also has trouble getting noticed on the Internet. PIMCO principals post their point of view frequently. To attract attention, PIMCO has to resort to catchy headlines. For example, here is a sampling of recent posts.

The Cure for Baldness    Neel Kashkari
Of course, the discussion has nothing to do with baldness or curing it.

Create mystery to lure readers.

The Lending Lindy    William H. Gross
Bill Gross stands out in generating catchy headlines. Others discussions by Bill Gross include

It is back-to-school time for Congress.

Japanification    Scott A. Mather, Dirk A. Jeschke
Lessons from Japan’s crisis.

Neel Kashkari on why PIMCO is picking such headlines 
What should an author, eager to gain attention, do in an increasingly crowded, noisy and contentious world of opinions where the most popular delivery mechanisms constrain the ability to fully articulate an idea? Simple: offer an increasingly extreme view – with a hyperbolic headline. Make as big a splash as possible by exploiting society’s increasingly insatiable demand for byte-sized information. As a result, balanced, centrist views are rarely offered and often drowned out by the shrillest voices. Traditional news organizations have recognized and are responding to this trend as well, so that they are not themselves lost in this crowded cacophony. Indeed, there is an amplifying feedback loop between our increasingly polarized society and the media.

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