September 25, 2012

Solace Message Appliance, 10 Million per second

Applications from online gambling to online trading, Twitter to push notifications all require high-throughput messaging. Solace System’s message appliance fills this need and delivers messages at rates of 10 Million per second.

Message Configuration used
* 100 Byte messages
* 12 Byte topics
* 10 publishers, 10 subscribers, 10 topics

Compare Solace to other high-throughput message applications.

Solace:             1M messages/sec, 27 microsecond latency for 99.9th percentile

NASDAQ INET:            1M messages/sec, <40 microsecond latency

Urban Airship:            0.1M messages/sec, <2 second latency for 90th percentile.

With its hardware-based message routing, Solace is able to outperform software based messaging solution from others. And, deliver ultra low latency messages - inbox app-to-app latency of 700 nanoseconds.

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