September 2, 2012

The Future with Self-Driving Cars

For anyone who has wasted countless hours driving (and not for fun), the future with self-driving cars.

The self-driving cars would not only improve road safety but also could drive a sight-impaired person, drive kids to school, drive anyone who could not or does not want to drive.

The Economist adds more uses of the driver-less cars 
Driverless cars would provide further benefits beyond safety. They could co-ordinate their routes and travel in close formation, increasing the capacity of road networks, reducing congestion and saving fuel. They would be able to drop someone off and then go and park themselves. They might even usher in an era of widespread car-sharing, with vehicles dispatched on demand to people who need them, rather than spending most of the day sitting idle by the side of the road. And they would, of course, do away with the stress of driving, allowing their occupants to read, browse the Internet or take a nap.

source: The Economist

The estimation for when the driver-less cars would be available for mass use range from a few years to 10 years.

And the uses are not just limited for consumers. Rio Tinto in its Mine of the Future already uses driver-less trucks in its mines. 
James Petty, head of Rio Tinto’s robotic-trucks programme, says the trucks’ emergency-braking and evasive-action systems have not been triggered once since the technology was introduced in 2008.

The future with self-driving cars is coming soon.

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