September 6, 2012

What is Next for Apple, Sep 12?

What is next for Apple per Roughly Drafted?
Roughly Drafted speculates (wishes?) on what could be Tim Cook’s “one more thing” at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch on September 12.

Apple Car Navigation– iPhone 5 + iOS 6 Maps + dock. 
Apple could also launch an automotive Smart Dock tuned for use with iOS 6 Maps with turn-by-turn directions and its new “Eyes Free” Siri-integrated initiative with car makers.

Apple Home Automation products (going far beyond Nest Intelligent Thermostats for Home
Why doesn’t Apple enter the home automation business? Sell a series of remote controlled, WiFi / Bonjour light switches, temperature sensors, proximity door locks and security cameras that can be plugged together to create the Modern Home of the Future, at $29-49 each.

Apple Home Theater products and more.

Then what would be missing Apple Home Monitoring products?

All speculations of course. Keep in mind that Apple is unlikely to enter a market where it cannot control the full user experience.

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