October 4, 2012

Amazing Tent, a Distributed Twitter Like Service

Amazing Tent, a distributed Twitter like service. It will make for a nice alternative for Twitter in the long term.

Per Tent 
Tent is a protocol for open, decentralized social networking. Tent users share content with apps and each other. Anyone can run a Tent server, or write an app or alternative server implementation that uses the Tent protocol. Users can take their content and relationships with them when they change or move servers. Tent supports extensible data types so developers can create new kinds of interaction.

A de-centralized, distributed Twitter like protocol/service that can scale, is peer-to-peer, gives users full control of their data and is free – that in itself is amazing.

Another item that is amazing - at Tent.is, the word “tent” is repeated an amazing 35 times. Talk about overselling. But it is understandable, an enthusiastic team is eager to get their message out.

If Tent takes off and provides a viable alternative to Twitter (and others), that is a small item to fix for a valuable service.

Tent's other challenge - to deliver high message throughput at low latency to all its users, which provides a good user experience.

Tags: tent protocol, alternative to twitter, distributed twitter like service, decentralized twitter like service, tent server