October 16, 2012

Bullish Cross: AAPL to $1000, Extraordinary Buying Opportunity

Bullish Cross: AAPL to $1000, extraordinary buying opportunity.

Bullish Cross last recommended Apple stock on May 17, 2012 when the price was $530.

Now, Bullish Cross is extraordinarily bullish on Apple stock again and feels the stock can reach $1,000.

We do not believe Apple will see levels below $615 a share. Thus, anything between $615 and $630 is an extraordinary buying opportunity. Between $630 and $650, you have a great entry level.

At $630 a share, Apple’s stock has the potential to rally over 60% over the coming 12-month period. And that’s assuming Apple merely continues to trade at the same depressed valuation it has been trading at over the last several quarters now. If Apple’s valuation were to somehow improve, we can see Apple reach $1000 a share much sooner than many expect – perhaps even as early as next July.

Apple is selling literally every iPhone 5 that it can make in what has been called the most aggressive international roll-out in consumer electronics history.

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