October 22, 2012

Ed Bott on Why Windows 8 will Succeed

Ed Bott on why Windows 8 will succeed.

This new version of Windows is going to be a disaster, pundits say. It will be completely rejected by businesses, who will stick with old versions even after Microsoft drops support for them.

And its new interface is so hideous and unusable that customers who are forced to use it will trip over themselves finding ways to restore the old Start menu.

I am, of course, talking about Windows XP, which was released 11 years ago this week. It lived down to all those insults and dire predictions for years before it finally and implausibly became a success.

Good points!

Microsoft has incredible momentum in the Windows market that will carry Windows 8 forward. 

Unfortunately, users still have to contend with Windows 8 bloatware being added by PC manufacturers. Here is how to remove McAfee from Windows 8 PC’s.

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