October 8, 2012

How to Clear HTML5 LocalStorage, Cookies from your Browser

How to clear HTML5 LocalStorage, cookies from your browser.

If you look up weather at Weather.com, say New York weather, you’ll notice that the site remembers all your weather searches. Next time you visit weather.com, you’ll notice that your previous searches appear at the top left of the site.

Even if you clear cookies, cache and history in your browser, weather.com will still remember your weather searches. It does this by storing your data via HTML5 LocalStorage. The data persists in your browser; clearing the cookies etc does not clear this data. There are other sites that similarly use HTML5 LocalStorage.

To delete HTML5 LocalStorage from your browser –

The steps given are for Chrome. Other browsers have equivalent steps

In Chrome –


Show advanced settings …

First, if you wish to, delete all browsing data from the beginning of time.

Privacy > Clear browsing data … > the beginning of time

Then clear the LocalStorage

Privacy > Content settings … > Cookies > Manage exceptions …

Clear all LocalStorage data that you wish to.

And, you may want to pick the following setting for the Cookies

Privacy > Content settings … > Cookies > Keep local data only until I quit my browser

This will make sure that all LocalStorage data is cleared when you quit the browser.

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