October 1, 2012

How to find IBAN for European Bank Accounts

How to find IBAN for European bank accounts.

IBAN, International Bank Account Number is the standardized International account number that uniquely identifies a bank account. IBAN ensures that funds are transferred without errors. IBAN is increasingly being used for funds transfer to European bank accounts.

IBAN Calculator is a handy tool to find IBAN if you have the bank code and account number.

IBAN Calculator provides a form for each European country, which makes it easy to input the bank/account information and calculate the corresponding IBAN. A form for Germany is shown above.

You can also verify an IBAN to find if it is correct. For example, a France IBAN FR7618206002105487266700217.

And, if you are wondering which method to use IBAN or SWIFT?  SWIFT is more popular for US banks while IBAN is more popular for European banks.

As with any online tool, use at your own discretion.

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