October 20, 2012

To Remove McAfee Security from Windows 8 PC

If you buy a Dell Windows 8 PC, Intel’s McAfee Security Center will come pre-installed.

Dell Windows 8 McAfee Security Center

Windows 8 was supposed to be a new, cleaner beginning for Microsoft OS’s. But it is not so.

Windows 8 PC’s ship with preinstalled bloatware such as McAfee – Dell Windows 8 PC’s are a prime example. The bloatware provides little to no utility and is often a conduit for more marketing messages directed at you. 

McAfee Security Center will annoy you constantly with “your computer is at risk” messages and may market other services such as McAfee Registry Cleaner to you.

To avoid this bad user experience, the only solution is disable or remove the bloatware.

To remove McAfee Security Center from Windows 8 PC, follow steps similar to Disable McAfee or remove McAfee completely from your PC.

And, from McAfee themselves - How to uninstall McAfee.

And, does this leave your PC at risk?

Follow a few simple steps as at How to Keep PC Fast and Clean to keep your PC protected for free.

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