October 20, 2012

Weight-Loss Surgery is Beneficial per Cleveland Clinic

Weight-Loss Surgery is beneficial per Cleveland Clinic.

Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight-loss surgical procedures such as stomach stapling and gastric banding reduce the warning signs of heart disease more dramatically than drug treatments and can be life-saving, according to a survey of 73 previous studies.

For more than half of the almost 20,000 patients included in the research, risk factors for stroke, heart attack and heart failure -- such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol -- significantly improved or were resolved, said researchers led by Amanda Vest of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

The weight-loss surgeries are serious surgeries and not to be taken lightly. 
Weight-loss surgery itself carries risks and can even cause death, the authors said. Complications include wound infection, bleeding, gallstones and nutritional deficiencies.

Expect to see more marketing by weight-loss surgery hospitals as shown here.

Even Stanford Medicine markets its Stanford Weight-Loss Surgery for Bariatric Surgery.

And for more weight-loss options, a Gallery of Weight-Loss Ads.

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