November 13, 2012

Bitcasa, Unlimited Online Storage: Any Size Files, Folders

Bitcasa, unlimited online storage: any size files, folders.

The title says it all – Bitcasa app provides “infinite” cloud storage where you can store any size files or folders.

When you want to backup your multi-terabyte hard disks to the cloud, share very large HD video files then bitcasa service will be useful.

All data stored on bitcasa is protected with encryption – a desktop client (e.g. Chrome extension) encrypts before uploading and decrypts after downloading - although it is probably not HIPAA compliant yet for medical records, storing radiology images etc.

Although bitcasa uses the term “infinite storage” loosely (similar to how 5-hour energy is a brand name and does not really mean it provides 5 hours of energy) but it is catchy and conveys that the bitcasa service can store very large files.

And remember – to transfer very large files to the cloud, you’ll need a fast Internet connection, e.g. fastest Internet plans, and a fast computer, which can encrypt/decrypt at speed.

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