November 23, 2012

Caterpillar Productlink, GPS Fleet Tracking Service

Cat Productlink, GPS fleet tracking service.

With GPS tracking, you can find the current location and movement history of any asset. There are a number of services offering GPS tracking for different uses.

Cat Productlink service helps gps track your construction equipment in real-time. It can be used with both Caterpillar and other non-Caterpillar construction equipment.

Cat Productlink provides –
  • the current location of the construction equipment
  • a map of its movement
  • current fuel levels and fuel consumption history
  • utilization hours for the equipment and
  • setting geofences to prevent equipment theft
  • email or sms alerts for critical events
all data that makes it easy to manage a fleet of construction equipment.

Productlink connects to the construction equipment over 2G GSM cellular network or via satellite (where cellular data is not available).

The one improvement that is needed for Productlink – a better name. Productlink, Product Link are very generic names and are easy to get confused with others.

Alternative gps fleet tracking services include Teletrac, Fleetmatic, Sage-Quest and others.

And, if all you want to do is track your family, then try family locator services that will help keep track of your family (that is if you can convince your family members to turn on the service on their phones).

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